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Gauntlet Dark Legacy
Playstation 2
developed by MIDWAY

The revolutionary Gauntlet game design allows players to work as a team as they venture through eight dangerous worlds. One to four players can select one of eight different characters. Using force of arms and exotic magical powers, players vanquish creatures, search for treasure, evade traps, and embark on quests.

Special character-based power attacks, magic potions, stunning new power-ups and combination moves add to the well-schooled mayhem. The game save system allows players to transfer evolving characters from their own machine to a friend's to take on the dungeon together.

- Eight Playable Characters: Warriors, Valkyries, Wizards, Jesters, Dwarves, Sorceresses, Archers, and Knights.
- Eight Magical Realms: Mountain, Desert, Forest, Castle, Ice, Town, Sky, and Dream.
- A challenging adventure full of danger and hidden treasure where you must unlock the ultimate power in order to defeat the evil Garm.
- An extensive display of cinematics that will reveal new chapters of the time-honored Gauntlet adventures.
- Dozens of advanced attack combo moves will enable players to decimate hordes of enemies.
- More than 20 hidden characters, countless potions, power-ups, and special items pack Gauntlet Dark Legacy with even more hours of gameplay!

Staff Rating: 8.6/10
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