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Resident Evil
developed by CAPCOM

For years a secluded mansion in Raccoon City has been the center of top-secret biotech experiments -- all funded by a shady corporation known only as Umbrella. When contact with the scientists at the mansion is broken and reports of gory attacks come in from areas nearby, two Special Tactics and Rescue Squads (S.T.A.R.S) -- made up of Bravo and Alpha teams -- are sent in to investigate. Bravo team vanishes almost immediately. Alpha team enters the mansion and the adventure begins.

A remake of the original Resident Evil for GameCube complete with a totally revamped look supported by all sorts of fantastic fresh technology. You'll be frothing at the mouth to return to Raccoon City and battle the undead late into the dead of night.

> Play as main characters Chris Redfield or Jill Valentine
> Explore a creepy mansion filled with different rooms and locations
> Do battle with the undead and other monstrosities
> Hugely enhanced graphics: real-time shadows, reflections and lighting effects, higher polygon models and full-motion animation backgrounds that interact with the immediate environments
> Use a full range of weapons to battle zombies including a pistol, shotgun, knife or rocket launcher
> Unravel the mystery of a biogenetics experiment gone wrong and expose the corrupt organization known as Umbrella
> Solve puzzles and manage items to stay alive
> New motion-captured character animation
> New music and sound effects

Staff Rating: 8.9/10
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