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NFL Blitz 2002
Playstation 2
developed by EA SPORTS

This year's title has been completely reinvented by the original creators of the NFL Blitz arcade game to take advantage of the powerful next-generation platforms. All of the 3D player models, NFL stadiums, over-the-top animations, and intense sound effects have been recreated from the gridiron up.

- New Impact Player option allows the gamer to edit the route/assignment in any play in the team's playbook on-the-fly
- More than 1500 brand new, high-flying catches, earth shattering sticks and hits, including some animations motion captured with professional stuntmen swinging from rigging wires
- Real player stats, abilities, attributes and attitude
- Extreme-style, over-the-top, gameplay featuring players leaping, soaring, diving for passes, stiff arming, bulldozing and railroading would be defenders with running backs and throwing darts, bullets and bombs with precision passing quarterbacks
- Intuitive, fast-action extreme-style controls Equipped with the tried and true NFL Blitz point-n-pass system and icon passing
- Enormous 3D player models with bulging muscles and real-player faces
- Unrivaled 3D game engine operating in various weather conditions from sun to rain to snow
- Dynamic camera angles to capture all of the deep crossing routes and monster sticks by the linebackers
- Outrageous, over-the-top animations that feature your favorite NFL players performing as they only dream they could
- High powered play-by-play commentary to describe all of the outrageous action
- Track all of the important stats from sacks and interceptions to yardage gained and touch downs scored
- NFL Properties and NFL PLAYERS INC licenses means you have all of your NFL favorites

Staff Rating: 9.0/10
Usually Ships in About a Week

Playstation 2 System:

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