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State of Emergency
Playstation 2
developed by EA GAMES

State Of Emergency is set in the near future where a tyrannical organization known as the Corporation has declared a State Of Emergency. In an attempt to quell any civil disobedience and unrest, state authorities have begun clamping down on organized resistance and restricted the movements of its citizenry. Many citizens have banded together to form the Resistance, an organized movement whose sole mission is the destabilization of the Corporation. It is their hope that through violence, death and destruction, you and other Freedom Agents will do just that. The idea is to create one of the longest and most destructive riots ever seen.

- Five Freedom Agents to choose from in the game, two are available from the start while the other three must be unlocked. Each comes with his or her own unique backstory and reason for joining the Resistance.
- Two different modes - Chaos and Revolution.
- Each character has a unique fighting style.
- A wide range of weapons to chose from such as trash cans, shotguns, grenade launchers, and machine guns.
- Hundreds of NPCs with their own artificial intelligence.

Staff Rating: 9.2/10
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